• The Anton Pann Theatre Company was born as a professional public institution in May 1990 by the decision of the Vālcea County Prefecture. It follows a long established local theatrical tradition going back as long as 100 years. During the 60s-80s period it was one of the most important amateur theatre companies in Romania receiving many national and international awards.

  • After 1990 the late Goange Marinescu, who was the soul and the artistic director of the company, was aware that raising the company to the level of Romanian elite theatres was only possible by inviting prestigious directors to work here. They were: Silviu Purcarete, Dan Micu, Alexandru Dabija, Cristi Juncu, Horažiu Mihaiu, Adrian Roman.
The Anton Pann Theatre Company as a public institution has the social and educational mission to present for the local audiences high quality educational and entertaining productions. At the same time our theatre, due to an already established fame, is a place where original and innovative staging ideas are tried. It is our wish to attract directors, performers, designers and other artists who, starting from less conventional views of the world and of the theatre itself, will offer outstanding productions.

Our company is looking for partners in the artistic field (companies and other institutions, artists, etc.) as well as partners offering their financial support for our projects.
Postal address:
Blv. Tudor Vladimirescu no.23
240191 Rāmnicu Vālcea

Phone: (+4) 0250 737320
Fax: (+4) 0250 731908


Artistic Director
and Company Manager
member of UNITER

Duncan Macmilla / Adrian Roman opens January 23/24 2016

Philip Ridley / Balint Botos opens  October 25  2015

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Alfred Jarry


on March 24th 2016

Tudor Lucanu

. The Itinerary Puppet Theatre is designed to present performances at schools, kindergartens and in other kids communities. It also travels to locations where no other form of theatre is available. Our professional productions are also invited to national puppet theatre festivals and are awarded prizes for their excellence.

. > YOU ARE AN ANIMAL, VISKOVITZ! (Alessandro Boffa) - directed by Tudor Lucanu
  > THE BELGRADE TRILOGY (Biljana Srbljanovic) - directed by Cristi Juncu
  > ALMOST, MAINE (John Cariani) - directed by Cristi Juncu
. > PORTUGAL (Egressy Zoltan) - directed by Cristi Juncu
. > THE PHONE, THE OMELETTE AND THE TV SET - directed by Alexandru Dabija
. >  THREE SISTERS (Chekhov) - directed by Adrian Roman
. >  DIARY OF A MADMAN (after Gogol) - directed and designed by Adrian Roman
. >  AS YOU LIKE IT (W. Shakespeare) - directed by Jonathan Chadwick
. >  SVEJK (after Hasek) - directed by Dan Micu
. >  PICASSO Outlandos d'amour - visual essay by Horatiu Mihaiu
. >  THE DANCE OF DEATH (Strindberg) - directed and designed by Adrian Roman
. >  SCAPIN (Moliere) - directed by Dan Micu
. > DECAMERON 645 (after Boccaccio) - directed and designed by Silviu Purcarete
. >  THE MIRROR (Ghelderode) - directed by Goange Marinescu

       DECAMERON 645 is the most famed production being awarded numerous prizes and invited to tour in Romania and behind the boundaries (Yugoslavia, England, Ireland, Germany, Hungary). Other productions, as well, were successfully presented at important theatre festivals in Romania and abroad.

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The Vālcea County Council
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